The Dr D’s Horse Treat Story

Ben_about_1When my horse, Ben, was diagnosed with ulcers I struggled to find treats that weren’t loaded with either sugar or cereal grains not to mention artificial fillers, binders and preservatives. I still wanted to be able to feed him treats but at the very least I wanted something that would not harm his tummy. And then I thought why not give him treats that would actually be good for his digestive system? I’m a scientist so I decided to develop treats that would have no added sugars, no cereal grains and would be beneficial for his digestive system.

Inspired, I turned our kitchen into a horse treat laboratory – much to my husband’s dismay! After awhile, I finally found a combination of high quality ingredients that formed a lovely biscuit. My horses instantly gave the treats their seal of approval as have many others. (Reviews)

All the treats are dehydrated rather than baked to maintain nutrients and flavour. The biscuits “Sensitive Tummies” or digestive upset have added ingredients to neutralize stomach acid, act as a demulcent, forming a protective coating over the irritations and ulcerations, reduce inflammation, and soothe the GI tract. Our “Original” biscuit has the same tasty wholesome base and are also super low in sugars and starches.

Heather holds a PhD in organic chemistry from Oxford University and has done extensive biological and chemical research. She is a lifelong horse lover with a passion for eventing. Heather grew up in the northeastern United States and moved to the UK over 10 years ago. She is also a United States Pony Club graduate H-A.

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