Sensitive Tummies, Fenugreek


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100% natural horse treats, ultra low in sugar and starch, ideal for horses with sensitive tummies.  A delicious biscuit with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, dehydrated (rather than baked) to maintain nutrients and flavour.

Did you know that a scientific study found fenugreek to be horses’ most preferred flavour?

Always with the Dr D’s Promise:

  • No added sugar
  • No cereal grains
  • No GMO
  • Never anything artificial

Nutritional Analysis: Sugar 2.76%, Starch 1%, Protein 14.1%, Fibre 13.8%, Oil 15.07%.

**Do not feed to pregnant mares, please use Sensitive Tummies, Mint instead.

[size px=”10″]These treats are not intended as a cure for gastrointestinal ulcers or other disorders. They should be used as a reward or treat.[/size]

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320g, 810g


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