Dr D’s Redwings Winter Feed Appeal

Welcome to our Dr D’s Donation page. This winter we are aiming to raise £2,500 to go towards the winter feeding of the veterans and permanent residents at Redwings Horse Sanctuary and we need your help! With over 40 veterans at Redwings we decided to step up and start a campaign to help with their feeding bill. Every single donation no matter how large or small will be of huge benefit to Redwings but will also be rewarded by way of a thank you from Dr D’s Tasty Treats.

Keeping these horses safe, warm, well fed and with the special care they need is a considerable cost. Any donations, large or small, are welcomed and we’ve come up with some fun rewards to thank everyone for getting involved…

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Winter Ready Donations

The Redwings’ foundations are built from a belief that every horse, pony, and donkey has the right to a happy and healthy life, free of fear and neglect. Having rescued abandoned, mistreated and neglected horses and donkeys from across the UK, many are rehabilitated and successfully re-homed however there are some through medical, age or behavioral issues that need to stay within the Redwings family. Our Dr D’s fundraising pledge aims to help!

Our philosophy to provide GM free, ultra low in sugar and starch, no artificial anything tasty treats campaign can really help residents including Amigo a 5 year old, 13.1hh piebald cob, found abandoned in Wakefield with a severe skin condition and photosensitivity and Moonlight, 31 years young of the chestnut mare variety! Her best friend is Stanley, the pair act like an old married couple – and Stanley is sensible enough to do as he’s told! She’s a bit of a grumpy old woman but is easily won over by a treat or two… Please be assured that by donating through our Just Giving page your donations* will go directly to Amigo, Moonlight, Stanley and many others who will remain in the safe haven of Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

*Just Giving retains payment processing fees and a charge of 2%, but for UK taxpayers they will apply for Gift Aid on the charities behalf which means that for every £10 you donate Redwings will receive over £12. You can read more on Just Giving here. Dr D’s does no withhold any fees and is providing donation rewards as part of our contribution to the campaign!

Meet Boo and his ‘Guide Horse’ Oliver. Boo is an 18 year old Clydesdale gelding. He and his companion were both shot in the eye with an air gun rifle. His companion lost an eye, however Boo already had one eye missing due to cancer 4 years before. The owner was struggling to care for a totally blind horse and did not have the facilities and suitable environment for him, so he came to Redwings. Boo has adapted to being blind very well, he has a constant companion in the form of Oliver, the two of them always have the same two fields so that Boo knows where he is going for food, water and shelter.  As well as being blind Boo also suffers from sweet itch which has to be carefully managed using a special rug.
Meet Orla 6 year old, 14hh, grey Connemara cross Orla was originally from an area called Dunsink in Ireland, a former rubbish tip which was a known area for many years for having horses and ponies with welfare problems, often abandoned or no way to link an owner with the equine. Sadly Orla has lameness issues and even though she is still young it is unlikely she will ever be rehomed as her lameness requires close monitoring. She currently lives at our Caldecott visitor centre with her best friend Babe Favourite Friends: Babe a bay mare that lives with her in her paddock. As Babe is partially sighted, both of them are inseparable Little quirks: Even though Orla is a shy girl, she is very well mannered when caught. She stands perfectly for the farriers and the vets and for grooming, as long as we take it very slow around her head, as she is head shy. She is becoming more and more confident in her relationship with us with careful body language and handling. Favourite foods: FOOD. She loves her carrots, apples, senior mix… and the classic hay is an all-time favourite too.
Meet mareish Moonlight and her companion Stanley. 31 year old, 13.2hh, chestnut Arab mare living at our site in Warwickshire. Moonlight originally came to Redwings from a family who were struggling to cope with her care, for personal reasons. Favourite Friends: Stanley. They act like an old married couple – basically Stanley does as he’s told! Little quirks: Grumpy old woman! Favourite food: Grass! Dislikes: Hates being in the stable – but her and Stanley winter in a shelter  
Meet Spirit Welsh Cross 22 year old chestnut gelding, 13 hands high Spirit was originally rescued by a lady in Middlesbrough when he was found with serious injuries, after being chased around a housing estate with his companion by boys on motorbikes, having fireworks thrown at them and dogs set on them. The vet who examined his injuries also concluded that he had been electrocuted by a cable which had caused electrical burns to his side, flank and face and he had also been beaten with a chain of some kind. Unsurprisingly, Spirit was a psychological wreck as a result. His new owner kept Spirit for 5 years and never managed to touch him during that time. When needed, he had a rope passed round his neck so that he could be led, but Spirit would not tolerate any human contact whatsoever. She came to us for help and Spirit now has a permanent home with Redwings at our specialist behaviour centre where he has learned that humans are ok. Spirit will never fully enjoy the company of humans but he can at least now receive care without being terrified and live a happy and peaceful life in our care. Dislikes – People wearing caps Likes – Being in his field with his friends who include Dream, Aero and Boost.

Donation Rewards

*** At the end of the donation page please tick the box giving us permission to receive your contact details otherwise we will not be able to get in touch to give you your rewards.***

£1+: You will be added to our online Hall of Fame, and receive periodic email updates about the horses you have supported. You will also be given a 10% discount on your next Dr D’s order.

£10+: In addition to the above, you’ll be given access to downloadable images of Redwings horses, perfect for Facebook, screensaveers and phone backgrounds. You’ll also receive a Redwings badge/rosette and a sample of Dr D’s Tasty Treats.

£25+: In addition to the above Dr D’s will send a package of Tasty Treats to the Redwings horses and a package of treats to you for your own horse too.

£50+: As above, plus two Dr D’s Christmas Crackers and a Horsey Hoof stocking.

£100+: As above plus a Redwings Goodie Bag containing a Redwings pen, diary, mug and more!

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