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This evening I tested them on my fat filly, and also my friend’s elderly warmblood, who has cushings, laminitis, ulcers, arthritis and pretty much everything else. He can be quite picky with food, probably because he feels ill all the time, but he enjoyed both flavours very much. So did mine.


West Sussex

The treats arrived today, and to say they went down well would be an understatement! The mare loved them. But the real test, the ulcer prone and very fussy gelding, he loved them too!

The only problem I have discovered is that I have to feed them well after they have had a feed, as if they have them before their feed or get a sniff of them they wont eat!!



Our ex racer loved them! Tried them on the ponies too and they loved them too. I have tried other types of treats and they wouldn’t eat them, so I definitely think you are on to a winner



Every single one of mine devoured both flavours, from the very picky shetland who I cannot feed treats to as he is so suspicious, to my fussy TB. The TB was literally mugging me, nosing into my pockets for more. I am very impressed! The treats are really well ‘baked’ and hold their shape, don’t crumble, and are big enough to keep your fingers safe if you use them for stretching exercises.


East Sussex

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